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Access interplays (and management for facilitators and leads)
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Note: Pictures are in process of being updated with the new look and feel. The advice on using Janars has been updated. Any questions, please reach out via the widget on the bottom right of the screen.

On Login: see list of interplays and related actions and are sortable.

Interplay List and Actions:

The actions available per interplay for people on an interplay are:

  • "View active card" of the interplay and edit it. 

This first card is displayed. For this specific interplay and card, the participant will capture input on the four retro questions. 

Card Edit - all participants (& lead) provides input to header questions (right) and body questions (centre) for the card in progress (left)

During editing or viewing the card, close left and/or right sections to see most critical information for the task. 

  • "Card View" - View cards in interplay 

Card view - Viewing the cards in the interplay (initially the open and not started cards). By toggling "Upto In Progress" the view shows done or closed cards.  

  • "Kanban View" - View cards in interplay

Kanban View - This view is filtered on the interplay selected. Viewing the cards in the interplay within the completion kanban states (initially the open and not started cards). By toggling "Upto In Progress" the view shows done or closed cards.  

All interplays follow the completion Kanban. They also have one other kanban view. In this case, it is a negotiation kanban. See below:

  • Filtering on cards across many interplays

To gain a multi-interplay view of cards, it is possible to click on the Kanban-Card buttons from the menu and then use the filtering to refine the list.

The card view

The kanban view

 An additional action available for facilitator and leads is:

  • Interplay Edit (for facilitators and leads)

In preparation or at any point in an interplay, the facilitator or a lead can edit the interplay. More about editing a card within an interplay


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