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Note: Pictures are in process of being updated with the new look and feel. The advice on using Janars has been updated. Any questions, please reach out via the widget on the bottom right of the screen.

Kanban types

When designing a canvas (template for an interplay), the orchestrator will define one kanban type. Each canvas has a default kanban type: "completion". These states are not started, in progress, done, and closed. The orchestrator defined kanban is specific to the flow. Using the same kanban type across the same interplays means that they can be displayed together in the Kanban view. 

Completion Kanban flow of activity is:

  • "1. Not started; 2. In Progress; 3. Done; 4. Closed". (Other statuses we plan to add later, if requested, are "On hold" and "Withdrawn").
  • The purpose of having a standard flow across all interplays is that it is possible to look at the status of all interplays independent of their specific flow states.

Custom Standard Kanban - the flow of activities in each structured conversation may be different to another. Here are some examples

  • 4-part retrospectives have four parts:  1. Agree targets; 2. Develop insights; 3. Build action plan; 4. Align through agreement.
  • Retrospectives have the five steps: 1. Set the table; 2. Gather Data; 3. Gather Insights, 4. Decide what to do, 5. Wrap up (Close the retrospective)
  • Negotiations or specifically interest-based negotiations have a different flow: 1. Set the table; 2. Explore; 3. Define; 4. Option; 5. Agree; 6. Close.
  • Planning, sales, loan recovery, etc - each will have their own customer standard kanban flow.

Kanban View - This view is filtered on the interplay selected. Viewing the cards in the interplay. By toggling "Upto In Progress" the view shows done or closed cards.

It is worth noting - when viewing a kanban when using a custom standard kanban type, only interplays that subscribe to that Kanban type are presented together (based on the filters).

Filtering on cards across many interplays

To gain a multi-interplay view of cards, it is possible to click on the Kanban-Card buttons from the menu and then use the filtering to refine the list.

  • The card view

  • The kanban view

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