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Different functions available in individual cards
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Individual Edit 

Individual edit has many variants to support the different functions across the flow of the structured conversation

Note: Pictures are in process of being updated with the new look and feel. The advice on using Janars has been updated. Any questions, please reach out via the widget on the bottom right of the screen.

  • data gathering and review

The individual edit screen for participants or leads to complete. Functions include completing answers to the questions, automatic saving, option to creation multiple records and confirm that you are complete.

Responding to questions

Users can switch between seeing one question at a time to a list view. 

This is a review of the data from all the team. It is in table format for comparison. You can also view the data grouped per record by clicking on the group button. 

Review in table format

Review in Group Record Format

Picture needed here.. 

Header questions

As part of a dialogue, the facilitator or lead can summarize their notes on the right hand side in the header questions, while reviewing the input from the team in the centre. Another use case, for header questions is for participants to take private notes or do journaling on topics (not shared) as part of the data gathering process.

Shared notes created by Facilitator as part of a dialogue.

  • voting

Each participant and lead is asked to perform dot voting. They have X votes to distributed between the answers to a specifically identified question. 

Lead voting on a specific question

The counts are tallied. (please add picture).

  • agreement

Each participant and lead is asked to agree or disagree with the data provided and the notes captured by the facilitator or lead. They are also asked to add a comment. 

Viewing agreement count and comments

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