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For facilitator or lead, Invite and manage teams in Janars (as facilitator or lead)
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Note: Pictures are in process of being updated with the new look and feel. The advice on using Janars has been updated. Any questions, please reach out via the widget on the bottom right of the screen.

Adding teams

Create a team for an interplay and use it as a default for the next one. On each interplay add and subtract members from that team. You can have many teams.

Amending team - Inviting participants (existing and new participants)

In interplay setup (and during an interplay on open/in progress cards), invite participants. As a facilitator or lead, you invite participants to your interplay. The rules are:

  • If you've worked with them before, they will show up in the search of team members. By clicking on the +, they will be added.

  • If they're not in search, you will be able to add their email, first and last name. They're sent an invite on email. You may continue assuming they will join.

Roles and Delegation

A facilitator or lead can delegate their role to a participant on. That person will then act as a facilitator or lead for that interplay. The facilitator/lead can then take back that role.

Who is in the team in the Interplay?

During the interplay from card edit page and interplay edit page (Facilitator/Lead only), see the right section of the screen you can see the list of team members involved in this card and their role. You can also see the status of the activity.

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