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Setting up an account, starting with a free trial
Written by Martin West
Updated 1 year ago

Trial: We offer a limited free trial option to perform retrospectives and build agreements. Here are some specifics about the trial.

  • We do not require a credit card for a trial!
  • The length of the trial is designed keeping the requirements of every team in mind, so that everyone can benefit from using it.
  • There may be tools available that are not within the trial and can be purchased on a "per use" basis.

Your account: When selecting an interplay after the trial has ended, you will be asked to sign up and provide a payment method.

 Multiple buying options are available!

  • A "per use" license cost is charged at the end of the month.
  • A monthly subscription option for a group of tools.  
  • The pricing is presented when you select an interplay. Depending on your planned usage pattern, a “per use” subscription may be more cost-effective.  

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