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Select a template canvas for running an interplay (mainly for facilitators or lead)
Written by Martin West
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Open in separate browser. Interplays are structured conversations built into templates (canvases). We have canvases for integrative retrospectives in 4 parts. The traditional sprint 5-step retrospective is Part 2 - Develop insights.

Integrative retrospectives

The canvases are made up either one or more parts. This is a list of canvases that we have in January 2021. This will grow based on requests and new offerings:

  1. P1, 2 & 3 - Agree targets; develop insights (private); build action plan
  2. P2 & 3 - Develop insights (private) & build action plan
  3. P2 & 3 - Develop insight (shared) & build action plan
  4. P1 - Set and agree targets
  5. P2 - Gather data and develop insights (traditional 5 step sprint retro)
  6. P3 - Build action plan
  7. P4 - Align by building Agreements

Key choices

The three main choices are: 

  • Cadence - Select a combination of parts with the same cadence. For instance if you had P2 - develop insights and P3 build action plan at the end of every sprint,  then P2 & 3 - Develop insights & build action plan (with or without data pre-collection) is a good choice. 
  • Initial input on retro questions - private or shared? In P2 - Develop insights when data is collected there are two modes: a) private - a separate card per team member and b) shared - a board for the team. The advantage of a separate card is less group think and the advantage of the shared board can be more collaboration during initial input.   
  • Question Sets - we have used the following question set a) What went well? b) What did not go well? c) What should we improve? and d) What am I curious or puzzled about? 

    You can amend the question set for each interplay see the question set - article this is part of the editing the interplay section.

    We will provide additional question sets. In the interim, please ask for what you want, we will deliver them. (Below we have listed many of the favorite ones)  

Popular Question Lists 

There are many well liked & used Retro question sets. Some examples are:

Start, Stop, Continue

  1. Start - What should the team start doing?
  2. Stop - What should the team stop doing?
  3. Continue - What should the team continue doing?

Glad, Sad, Mad

  1. Glad - What made the team glad?
  2. Sad - What made the team sad?
  3. Mad - What made the team mad? 

Well, Not Well, Improve, Curious

  1. What went well?
  2. What did not go well?
  3. What should we improve?
  4. What am I curious or puzzled about? 


  1. Liked - what did the team like?
  2. Lacked - what did the team lack?
  3. Learned - what did the team learn?
  4. Longed for - what did the team long for? (really need) 

P4 - Align by building working agreements

See article for facilitating a Agreement interplay targeted on building working agreement 

See also article section on Integrative retrospectives

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