Roles in a conversation

As a facilitator, lead, or participant, you play different roles in the conversation.
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Roles in a conversation

As a participant

As a new participant to Janars, you will be invited by a facilitator or lead to join a team in an interplay.

The facilitator or lead will organize meetings and invite you. You’ll receive email notifications:

You'll be asked to participate in conversations by:

  • Engaging in discussions
  • Providing answers to questions
  • Voting, scoring, and ranking ideas, answers, and topics to help set priorities and make decisions as a team
  • Provide your agreement or disagreement with the final output of facilitated conversations

As a facilitator or lead

  • You invite participants to interplays

  • You can add new people to Janars, or you can search for people you have worked with before
  • You kick off interplays, lead conversations, and capture answers (when the card is distributed to you)

You can assign yourself as a facilitator or lead. You can also assign others as facilitators or leads (one at a time); however, you will then lose facilitator/lead rights while editing the cards (but you will still have access to the interplay edit, and can also switch the person who is the facilitator or lead).  

  • As a facilitator, you may facilitate the conversation and provide content when documenting the facilitated conversation.
  • Leads have the rights of a facilitator and participants.

Generally, it is best to be a facilitator when you are present to simply facilitate, and your participation would create bias in the conversation results. It is best to be a lead when you are part of the team and are facilitating the conversation, and will have input into the content.

The team's composition can be determined or modified when setting up the interplay. In the image shown, the user has the option to choose between facilitator, lead, or participant roles. It is possible to have multiple leads and facilitators in an interplay if the facilitator or lead role is selected. However, once the facilitator role is changed to lead or participant, it cannot be changed back to facilitator when the interplay is started. The person can switch between being a participant and a lead.


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