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Written by Martin West
Updated 5 months ago

Integrated Support: We have integrated a support and chat widget into the Janars platform on the right hand lower corner of the screen. The widget can be used to:

  • Search articles in the knowledge base. 
  • Directly "Ask" questions related to use of the application during our office hours. 
  • Each interplay has a set of instructions for each card.  One set are for when the card is in progress and a different set is for when the card is closed. These can be adapted by the lead or facilitator. There is also a set for the facilitator or lead.
  • There is a set of knowledge base articles EITHER for general use of the Janars application OR specific to use of an Janars Interplay and for specific flows (canvases for the interplay).   

The chat widget gives direct access to live chat and the knowledge base of articles (with a search)

Later we may offer an online service that supports facilitators or leads with a negotiation. Please let us know if you like this idea. This is where questions can be asked re: how to approach a challenge during a negotiation or mediation.

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